What You Need to Know About Muscle Atrophy


Muscle atrophy or the deterioration of muscles is a condition that refers to the loss of muscle tissue due to lack of use and physical activity. Patients with this condition experience pain when moving, making provider services essential to improve their way of life.

Muscle atrophy is also quite common among seniors, especially those who have health conditions that can limit mobility. However, given this condition’s commonality, it can be prevented with some of these tips:

  • Lead an active lifestyle.

    Exercise does wonders for your body, especially for your cardiovascular and muscle health, and with constant movement from exercise, you can increase muscle mass, a crucial factor in preventing muscle atrophy.

  • Maintain a healthy diet.

    Curating and maintaining a healthy diet is very beneficial for your overall health, not just your muscles, and with a diet packed with greens, proteins, and other muscle-building nutrients, you can maintain a healthy weight and muscle size.

  • Physical therapy

    Patients or seniors with limited mobility may engage in some physical therapy, wherein a therapist gently moves the arms, legs, and entire body gently to stimulate the muscles. This can be a form of exercise.

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