Seniors Can Benefit from Shopping


Being active does not necessitate a complete calendar of planned activities for seniors. Shopping, for example, is a common activity that can stimulate cognitive processes, provide physical advantages, and serve as a leisure activity that encourages social involvement.

Shoppers must identify needed items, determine where the items may be located, analyze and compare before and after purchase, and determine value versus cost. While these processes can sometimes be linked to purchasing habits, seniors who shop regularly stimulate the parts of the brain involved in decision-making.

Seniors who shop frequently may have longer lives than those who do not. According to studies, seniors who shopped every day, particularly men, had a 27% lower risk of death than those who did not. Researchers believe that the physical activity associated with shopping, the opportunity for these older people to buy food and make purchasing decisions that favorably benefited their diet and health, and the social connection may be important components of this risk reduction.

The shopping experience can increase social engagement by allowing seniors to meet and connect with new individuals as well as use the outing as a social experience with friends and family.

Seniors with mobility or transportation issues can enjoy the cognitive, health, and social benefits of a day on the town with a little support from family, friends, or even Humane Health Care, Inc. caregivers when necessary.

Are you worried that your seniors will go shopping alone? Our personal care in Texas includes accompanying your seniors on shopping trips.

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