What to Do When an Elderly Refuses Care

What to Do When an Elderly Refuses Care

Many seniors tend to resist provider services and there is a bunch of reasons why they do so. Some of them are afraid of strangers, of changes in their lives, and they fear losing their independence.

As a result, elders may do drastic things to prove that they still can. The more people show them they are being marginalized, the more they exhibit strength and aggression. They become aloof to caregivers and refuse home care services in Houston, Texas.

What can you do as a family member?

  • Assess their health condition whether they need personal care in Texas or not.
  • Acknowledge their abilities and let them do what they can still do.
  • Propose help indirectly. Tell them you would like to personally drive them to their destination as a form of bonding.
  • Avoid treating them like they are helpless and weak.
  • Be mindful of the words you will use when referring to them.

Earning their trust can be hard but when you succeed in doing so, it will be easier to provide your seniors the caregiving that they need.

Humane Health Care, Inc. values the independence of your elders. We respect every family’s decision when it comes to the welfare of your seniors and be one with you in attaining the best life you want for your loved ones.

Let your elders enjoy their seniorhood. Call us today so we can plan the health care that is suitable for them.

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