Bathing Tips for People With Alzheimer’s Disease


Some seniors aged 65 years and above have conditions that affect their cognitive functions, like Alzheimer’s. At the onset, they may still function independently, with some moments of confusion or memory loss. But as it progresses, they will eventually need support for personal care in Texas. Some may even need caregivers who are trained and experienced in providing home care services in Houston, Texas, for people affected by the condition.

If you are a family caregiver who may assist a loved one with Alzheimer’s in bathing, dressing, or grooming, read these caregiving tips from the National Institute on Aging.

  • Before Bathing
    Before bathing or showering, ensure that everything is ready. Prepare the toiletries, towels, and more. Ensure that the water is warm, and the bathroom has good lighting. As you accompany them, be gentle and respectful. Saying the step before doing it can help them expect what would happen.
  • During Bathing
    It can be frustrating to lose our independence. During a bath, give them the liberty to do as much as possible. If he gets upset, keep their mind occupied with stories and positive thoughts.
  • After Bathing
    Pat their skin with a dry towel to prevent rashes. Never forget the folds of the skin. When they struggle to get in and out of the bathtub, it might be wise to choose a sponge bath instead.

If you want to learn more bathing tips for your loved ones, Humane Health Care, Inc. can help. Our reliable provider services are aimed at helping seniors and those who need help achieve a life of dignity and independence. Are you around Texas? Reach out.

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