Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors


Who says exercises are only for the young ones? No matter your age, you can stay grooving to release positive hormones in your body. At Humane Health Care, Inc., we help seniors stay active through low-impact exercises that fit their age and abilities. Especially when they have issues in their bones or joints, low-impact exercises are beneficial.

Here are some of the physical activities we assist seniors with:

  • Walking

    Walking never gets old. It is one of the basic exercises one can perform with maximum benefits. A simple walk inside and around the home would suffice. As part of our home care services in Houston, Texas, our caregivers are beyond willing to assist them even in the neighborhood.

  • Sitting Exercises

    Some seniors may have mobility concerns. If this is the case for your loved one, don’t fret. We have prepared sitting exercises for them. Movements can help them build muscle and increase blood circulation.

  • Balance Exercises

    Training seniors to maintain balance reduces their risk to fall incidents. Bathing, toileting, and other forms of personal care in Texas can be done independently through these exercises.

  • Strength Exercises

    Water bottles are a great start to helping a senior regain strength. Depending on their ability, we can reduce or add weights.

Ready to move your bodies? Our trusted provider services can help you achieve just that. Contact us and stay on top of your health.

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