Tips for Getting Seniors Dressed Safely at Home


Getting dressed and undressed is a daily job that many older persons find difficult. Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, arthritis, reduced movement, surgical recovery, and other medical issues can make independent dressing difficult. Humane Health Care, Inc. is the trusted provider of home care services in Houston, Texas, and gives dressing tips that make the procedure easier and more enjoyable for both elders and care providers.
Dressing is a regular task that most of us take for granted. We frequently do not hesitate to raise our arms to plunge into a sweatshirt or to reach down to tie our shoes. For many seniors, this is a struggle, so we ensure that our personal care in Texas includes this type of service. Many seniors choose to dress in daytime clothing every day. Being clothed frequently makes them feel more secure and at ease while dealing with others. Allowing seniors enough time each day to dress and undress makes the process seem more comfortable, peaceful, and enjoyable, which increases the likelihood that seniors or your aging loved one will comply and assist with the procedure. 
While assisting seniors in getting dressed, you have the opportunity to check for any skin concerns and assist them in being as healthy and comfortable as possible. Redness, irritation, and pressure sores can develop fast in seniors who have restricted mobility or do not move much during the day, which allows our provider services or you to check and keep them feeling healthy, fresh, and clean each day.

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